Three ginger people got together one day and started working on ways to make Hebrew more accessible to everyone who wants to learn it, or needs to. One of them, lets call her pretty Jo, brought the need for the product. The other one, Amit good-husband, came up with the idea and the drive. Anat golden-hands brought her designer touch to the mix.  Since then, the three are working hard to plan, design and produce the best solutions for all Hebrew seekers out there. And they are loving it.

Amit Turkenitz, Founder

Amit founded Gingerhood after experiencing frustration in seeing his wife struggling with the Hebrew language. His hand-made solutions were the inspiration for the products that we are bringing to you.

Ginger Status: Genuine orange beard, freckles, ginger character.


Jo Savill, Co-Founder

Jo is the reason that Gingerhood exists. When she came to Israel her frustration with the Hebrew language led to the development of Stick Around. Now she manages our expansion to new markets, so more people can benefit from her personal experience.

Ginger Status: Genuine orange curls, but heavy English mannerisms shadowing any remains of ginger character.


Anat Grinfeld, Graphic Designer

Anat joined the adventure of Gingerhood as a personal challenge – to make functional products fun. Ever since then she keeps re-inventing the graphic language of our products.

Ginger Status: Faking it, but truly wants to be real.